Evolving Ideas

Los Bunkers - Ven aquí
(Comeback tour)
Los Bunkers
Time of development
2 months
Client Requirements
Music Band Los Bunkers needed to make their come back tour amazing.
Live Concert Tour
Graphic Design, Animation, Staging, Directing
Los Bunkers are back, like no one has ever seen them before.

/Design Challenges

The music band Los Bunkers were preparing for their comeback tour and aimed to transform these shows into stadium-sized events. They planned to perform 32 songs and had a massive 44x15 meters (144x50 feet) screen as the central element of the stage. Our task was to enhance the concerts in the best possible way, amplifying the band's image and music to match these new proportions.

/Design Solutions

For these concerts, each song would adopt its own unique aesthetic while remaining faithful to The Bunkers' image. Some songs embraced a scenographic approach, transforming the stage into different settings. Others took a more traditional yet spectacular approach, incorporating 3D imagery. Many songs featured live video streaming of the band seamlessly blended with the stage design, enhancing the visual experience and serving as powerful support for the music.

/Visual Design

The scenic designs were created to complement the retro feel of the band's music while adding a fresh and renewed twist. Simple shapes against a black background made the screen vanish, transforming the stage into a new layout. The incorporation of processed live streaming video into these scenes brought the concert experience closer to a music video for the audience and heightened the emotional journey.

/Lighting Design

The lighting design was consistently coordinated with the video content, providing a seamless experience for the audience. A string of lights defined the silhouette of this massive stage, uniting it as a single entity.


Maintaining a close relationship with the band and having a clear overall picture of what will occur during the show make the live concert experience an event filled with surprises and emotional moments for the audience.


It is very rewarding to give a fresh new look to a classic sound, invigorating the music, the band, and creating a comeback tour fit for today and the future.


Guayi Mas: Designer, animator, director
Sebastian Morales: Stage and light designer
Gabriel Guerrero: Visual operator
Renzo Albertini: Digital compositor