Evolving Ideas

Mi Memoria
(Animated Books)
Fundación Integra
Time of development
5 months
Client Requirements
Integra Foundation wanted to animate the illustrated book collection "Mi Memoria".
Animated Videos
Screenwriting, Animation, Directing
Small Business, Entertainment
Making books come to life.

/Design Challenges

Mi Memoria is a collection of 10 books of traditional nursery rhymes from Latin America, each illustrated by a different artist, each with their own unique style. For the videos, each nursery rhyme was transformed into a song in various genres, resulting in each book having its own distinct universe in terms of rhythm and aesthetics.

/Design Solutions

Analyzing each of the illustration styles, we chose different techniques to animate the books and assembled various animation teams. Test animations were created to ensure the techniques worked. Scripts and animatics were developed to outline what would occur in each scene, ensuring the utilization of as much of the existing illustrations as possible.

/Visual Design

The production process of each animation was essential to staying faithful to the illustrators' styles.

/Watch videos

Check out all the animations at Integra.cl


It's a joy to work with specialized teams of people who understand, master, and enjoy their craft.


Having knowledge about the different processes of animation made this project flow smoothly, and the result was seeing the books magically come to life.


Guayi Mas: Director, scriptwriter, Animation, Digital compositing
Zumbástico Studios: Production Company
Estudio Morrón: Animation Studio
Paula Baccelliere: Stop Motion Animation
Renzo Albertini: Digital Animation