Evolving Ideas

Pulsar Awards
(Premios Pulsar)
SCD (Chilean Society of songwriters)
Time of development
1.5 months
Client Requirements
The SCD needed to create the 2023 version of their yearly televised Pulsar Awards.
Live televised event
Conceptualizing, Screenwriting, Graphic Design, Animation, Staging, Directing
The most important music award in Chile wanted to look the part.

/Design Challenges

SCD is always looking to do something eye-catching and elevate the image of the awards event to the importance of the Prize itself. Partnering with TVN (Chile's national television station), we worked with their internal team and infrastructure. So, the challenges were to create something amazing, entertaining, and with an impressive appearance on TV, all with the resources of the channel and the uncertainty of whether they would support us in our ambitious ideas.

/Design Solutions

We opted to use a closed-box-shaped studio. Immediately, we decided to break away from the usual mold and placed the main stage in a corner, creating a diamond-shaped surface. We constructed additional surfaces all around the studio, each designed for different areas and stages for various segments of the event. Finally, we added a screen ribbon that enclosed the perimeter, providing a backdrop from every angle. This design enveloped the studio audience and offered the TV audience a variety of environments in which to view the performers. We scripted the entire show and presented the choreographer with the stage layout so that he could utilize all the possibilities of the given space. We then coordinated these movements with the TV director to ensure that the cameras and editing would seamlessly integrate into this live choreography.

/Visual Design

The visual design of the event had to possess a general look and feel that could also accommodate the display of categories, nominees, lower thirds, and span the ribbon shape around the studio. To achieve this, a modular design was created, consisting of a series of shapes that represented different styles and textures. When mixed and matched, these shapes produced a coherent variety and richness. These shapes were laid out against a black background, allowing us to also break away from the rectangular shape of the screens and give the space a more organic feel. Visuals were also developed for the different performances during the transmission. This provided us with an opportunity to explore various possibilities of this unique stage design.

/Lighting Design

The lighting design was aimed at making the diamond-shaped stage stand out while also highlighting the beauty of all the other spaces. The lights were not only used as a visual element of the stage design but were also strategically positioned so that the director could illuminate the artists and hosts appropriately from nearly any angle in the venue.


We embarked on this project with the clear intention of creating something unique and beautiful. We developed highly ambitious ideas, and all of them were successfully brought to life. Our approach involved transforming every aspect of the project into a collaborative effort. We engaged with all the individuals involved, communicated our ideas, and worked together to overcome any challenges. In the end, everyone felt and understood that their individual contributions were essential to achieving the remarkable outcome we accomplished.


Creating something attractive and intelligent and then effectively communicating this to all the people in the project transforms the work into a collaborative effort, where everybody understands their role and its purpose. This motivation drives people to give their best, resulting in a final product that embodies beauty and satisfaction.

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Guayi Mas: Creative Director, designer, animator
Sebastian Morales: Stage and light designer
Macarena Campos: Creative consultant
Abril Sepulveda: Visual designer
Gabriel Guerrero: Visual operator
Ian Harting: Choreographer